posted 21/05/2019
by Toni Jolin

Swimming Pool Lining

Swimming Pool

Specification – Fibreglass Lining to Swimming Pool.
Number of Operatives – 3
Days Taken – 4 days
Time Of Year – Spring

This swimming pool was completed for a client who was after a refurbishment of their pool.

The pool required a fair amount of preparation. The team removed the tiles and used hand grinders to remove any tile adhesive.
The area was then primed using Vinyl Ester Chemical Resistant Resin, followed by two layers of 450g chopped strand mat and one layer of tissue veil, to create a smoother finish. Another resin was is applied followed by a pigmented top coat.
This in then left to cure and the pool was ready to fill 4 days after.

This pool looks stunning in the evening sun. All ready to be filled for summer fun!

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