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Ever considered having your swimming pool lined with fibreglass?

Not only will it be cost effective due to its long-life expectancy. The acidity in the fibreglass means that less chemicals needed.

Maintenance required is also reduced as fibreglass is non-porous, meaning algae will not grow on the surface. Fibreglass is an extremely durable material that can last in excess of 30 years, far outweighing the life of marbelite and tiles.

There are also aesthetical advantages; due to the way in which fibreglass is applied it is completely seamless and can be completed in any colour, creating a unique look to your pool. The flexibility of fibreglass allows for old pools to be given a new lease of life and for new pools to be given a longer life expectancy from the very start.

Fibreglass linings can be completed in any colour which is a great option to create something unique.

We will discuss the finish you are hoping to achieve and bring your desires to life.

Why not pop on live chat or give us a ring to discuss fibreglass as an option for your pool old or new.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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