Tanks and Bunds


Due to the nature of a tanks use, whether it is holding water or chemicals, the interior can begin to deteriorate.

What Is A Tank Lining?


A tank lining is put in place to provide a protective layer to avoid the tank failing and causing significant damage. This layer can be vital in maintaining the tanks performance.

A tank lining is also a cost effective way of updating tanks. As a tank starts to see signs of wear and tear there is no need to replace the entire tank, a lining can be the solution. Saving on down time and company expenditure.

What Linings Can We Offer?


Here at Lining Systems we offer a full comprehensive lining service. With our skilled team we are able to meet all your lining needs from abrasive blasting to a vast array of options of liquid applied linings.

What Makes A Good Lining?


A Good Tank Lining Should:

  • Create an impermeable barrier

All our linings whether it is spray coatings or fibreglass linings, offer a fit for purpose impermeable barrier. We can use a variety of different spec resins and epoxy coatings to meet the needs of chemical resistance, WRAS Approval and much more. The lay-up of the lining is tailored to suit the tanks content.

  • It must fully adhere to the substrate

This is a vital part of our lining service we can prepare the surface by hand and if required have the option of abrasive blasting to provide a rough surface for the selected lining to adhere to. With the use of primers we are able to adhere to any substrate, including stainless steel.

  • It should seal all the gaps

We use the highest level of materials and our coatings and linings are applied by a skilled team. All our fibreglass linings are hand laid and eye for detail is key to our high standard. We also offer spark testing should our clients require this service.

Bund Linings


Bund Linings are required by law to be in place should a tank fail. The bund needs to be able to withstand the contents of the tank to avoid the possibility of it contaminating the environment.

Much like our Tank Linings we are able to offer a full bund lining, meeting all your requirements.

Our continued commitment to Health and Safety and training of our team, means you can rest assured your works will meet your companies requirements. We provide all the necessary paperwork and qualified team, to get the job done. We are also happy to discuss any site specific training required for your site.

Lining Systems GRP Limited are City and Guild confined space trained and endeavour to comply with all on-site regulations. Please do pop on to live chat, give us a call or email to discuss your needs.



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