Easy Clean Van Linings

Van Linings

Applying a fibreglass lining to the interior of a van is the ideal solution to achieve an easy clean, jet washable and protective finish. This is ideal for a variety of sectors such as, riot vans, animal carrying, food transport, refrigeration and asbestos.

Do I need to have my entire van lined?

No, there are a variety of applications for lining vans depending on the use. We can line:

  • Bulk head -to stop smells and dust/particles entering the cab, ideal for asbestos removal companies.
  • Shelves – This is ideal if you require and easy clean, durable or non-slip surface in one area.
  • Bunds – This allows for one area to be used as a spill containment, great for companies carrying chemicals.
  • Entire back – This is perfect for vans that require regular and intensive cleans such as riot vans and animal transportation.

What are the benefits?

  •  Easy Clean
  •  Non porous
  •  Jet washable
  • Protects the van for resale
  • Prevents contamination of the cab
  • Options to suit requirements and budget

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