Walls and Floors

Fibreglass lining walls and floors is an ideal option for

Wet rooms, Animal Enclosures, Dairies, Food production, Breweries, Changing rooms, Schools, Hotels, Abattoirs, Hospitals, Pharmaceutical, Prisons, and much more.

Why to consider fibreglass for your wall or floor lining?

The walls and floors in your establishment are vital but are often overlooked when it comes to their required performance. These high trafficked areas can begin to break down after constant wear and tear.

This can leave the area subject to damages that look tired and can also be damaging to the environment if the chemicals manage to seep through to the substrate below.

Using fibreglass does not mean starting over with a whole new flooring or walls it can simply be a case of repairing and relining your current surface. We offer a variety of finishes including non slip.

Applying a fibreglass lining to your walls and floors offers a jet washable, hygienic and aesthetical surface along with longer life expectancy. Making fibreglass lining your walls and floors a very cost-effective option.

Fibreglass is not your only option, our spray coating service can also be a great soloution for your wall and floor applications.

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