Epoxy Spray Coating

Epoxy Spray Coating


Lining Systems GRP Limited provide onsite application of Epoxy Coatings using Jotun Spray Products. Although fibreglass is a great product it is not always the ideal solutions for all projects. Lining Systems GRP Limited now offer a variety of spray coatings to meet your needs.

What is an Epoxy spray coating?

Two chemicals are combined, Epoxide Resin and Polymine Hardener, when mixed the reaction allows the process to cure. This creates a coating that is extremely strong and durable. The process is quick and effective; this is often an advantage when down time is an issue for our customers.

They are often used to on concrete and steel to protect against water, alkaline and acids. They are also a great option for tanks, cans and containers to prevent rusting.

It is a versatile and extremely hard-wearing coating that suits many industries.

Where it can be used

  • Airports
  • Bridges
  • Boats/Automotive
  • Buildings
  • Chemical Plant- Domestic
  • Fertiliser Plant- Pipe Lines
  • Ports and Harbours- Tank Farms

This list is not extensive, there is a product that can suit most needs, please get in touch to discuss your coating needs.

Abrasive Blasting

Before a spray coating is applied the surface may require abrasive blasting.

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